Analysts Expect Blucora Inc (NASDAQ:BCOR) Will Post Quarterly Sales of $179.30 Million
Davinci Coin One Day Volume Reaches $12.81 Million (DAC)
Emirex Token (EMRX) Tops One Day Volume of $55,400.00
Airbloc (ABL)  Trading 12.4% Lower  This Week (DDD) Achieves Market Cap of $1.57 Million
Seele-N 24 Hour Trading Volume Reaches $12.12 Million (SEELE)
Bitradio (BRO) Trading 31.2% Higher  Over Last 7 Days
ChatCoin (CHAT) Market Cap Reaches $1.31 Million
Krios  Trading 18.3% Lower  Over Last 7 Days (GIG)
Apex (CPX) Market Cap Reaches $2.14 Million
Pundi X NEM Price Tops $0.0002  (NPXSXEM)
Maximine Coin Market Capitalization Reaches $270,626.58 (MXM)
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hits $9,482.27 on Exchanges
Scorum Coins (SCR) Achieves Market Cap of $217,785.81
ICE ROCK MINING (ROCK2) Achieves Market Capitalization of $714,030.08