Can Fish Oil Boost Sperm Count?

Fish oil supplements have been long recommended by doctors and nutritionists alike, and for good reason.  Omega-3 fatty acids—a primary component of fish oil supplements—can improve soft tissue integrity. That means fish oil supplements can be good for your brain and your joints, and they have also been shown to help improve heart health. 

A new study, however, points to another benefit, at least for men.  The new research suggests that men who take fish oil supplements regularly—as directed for at least 60 days—had several million more sperm than those who only took vitamin/mineral supplements or took no supplements at all. 

Effectively, Dr. Tina Jensen, of the University of Southern Denmark, explains, “Fish oil supplements were associated in a dose-response manner with higher semen volume and total sperm count, and larger testicular size.”

For this study, participants were selected among [healthy] young Danish men that were recruited for military service between 2012 and 2017.  

Dr. Jensen adds, “These findings suggest that healthy men may benefit from intake of fish oil supplements, but a well designed randomized clinical trail among unselected men is warranted.”

And, as such, young “unselected” men were asked to participate, regardless of their fitness for military service, between 2018 and 2019.  

Again, the doctor explains, “Both studies reported increased total sperm count and motility and higher proportions of healthy sperm.”

Specifically, the study pointed out that men who had taken supplements for at least 60 days not only had semen volume 0.64 mL higher than those who did not, but also testicular size reported to be 1.5 mL bigger. 

Also of Copenhangen University Hospital, Dr. Jensen reminds that the results of the research still needs to be confirmed through other studies.  The lead study author adds that, in this case, “we found that young healthy men who took supplements had a better sperm count.  So I would advise men to take supplements if they don’t have a fish-rich diet. It’s not dangerous, and may have benefits for cardiovascular health as well.”

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