It’s official – bezel-free 8K TV by Samsung!

CES 2020, the massive consumer electronics trade show is about to start and Samsung has already unveiled its new bezel-free or ‘bezel-less’ TV, whichever way you want to refer to it, prior to its press event.

According to BGR, the ‘Zero-bezel’ TV (ZbTV) looks stunning with a bezel that is nearly imperceptible. It does have a very super slim bezel – less than a tenth of an inch or 2.3mm to be exact – but you won’t be noticing it while you are watching TV.

But the ‘bezel-less’, 99% screen-to-body ratio, is just one of the impressive things about Samsung’s new QLED TV. The new ‘ZbTV’ comes with an AI quantum processor that combines machine learning with deep learning features.

Another impressive feature is its sound. BGR reports that its great due to new tech called Object Tracking Sound Plus (OTS+) where the sound follows and moves according to the objects on the screen which should result in a 5.1 surround sound experience. Also, Samsung has developed a stand alone soundbar that can be combined with the ‘ZbTV’ sound system and is called the ‘Q-Symphony sound.’

Another great feature is that the 2020 QLED 8K ‘ZbTV’  will be able to intelligently adapt to its surroundings using the Adaptive Picture mode and will be able to adjust to brightness and contrast depending on the environment. Along with this, the Active Voice Amplifier that is featured with this model will adjust the volume of the speakers according to the ambient noise it recognizes in the room.

The ‘ZbTV’ model will not only support Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby but  also voice assistants from Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. This model will also feature a Digital Butler to help you recognize and control devices that have connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

You will be able to tap your smartphone to the new ‘ZbTV’ model and it will pair your smartphone with the TV using a Tap View feature.

No disclosures on pricing have been made at this time for the 8K QLED ‘ZbTV’.  Apparently, Samsung is aware that there isn’t enough 8K content for it to warrant an 8K TV purchase price, but at the press event the company did say that ‘ZbTV’ will be able to scale up an image quality and then convert it to 8K. The ‘ZbTV’ will also support Side-by-side viewing mode and Picture-in-Picture viewing mode.

Owners will receive for free 120 channels with Samsung’s new Zero-bezel TV.