Halliburton Announces Closure of El Reno Facility; Lays Off 800 Workers

The last month of the year is off to a rough start for many people at Halliburton as the company announced the closure of its entire El Reno operation, on Monday.  As a matter of fact, the company made the announcement on the same day the layoffs were set to begin. And sure enough, there were at least three El Reno police vehicles stationed at the 6100 East SH 66 Campus, Monday morning.

In a letter attempting to notify the state of its plan, Halliburton said, “HESI (Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.) anticipates that the layoff will be on approximately December 2, 2019. The layoff is expected to be a permanent employment loss. At this time it is expected that the facility will not remain open. It is reasonably anticipated that approximately 800 employees will be affected by the layoff.”

Indeed, El Reno Mayor Matt White said he received this notification Monday morning from Bill Hancock, who is the Oklahoma Workforce Services and State Rapid Response Team coordinator.  

In response to the letter, White commented, “The way we read the letter was basically they’re shutting down operations. 808, I think, employees will be without jobs. They’re gonna shut that down immediately.”

But while the announcement was sudden—as was the action—and even though it is not necessarily something for which you can adequately prepare, but White said they had some idea that it might come to pass. 

White adds, “We held back on our budget to flatline what we did the year before, because we saw the deadline in the oilfield and everything else. So we wanted to try to not be completely dependent on the oil business.”  

Still, even with some foresight, White also laments that the layoffs will very likely directly impact the local economy.  

White goes on to say that these workers live—and spend—within this local community. This means that the layoffs will definitely ripple outward to other small businesses, to restaurants, and in the way of collecting less in sales tax. 

As of the time of print, Halliburton has not released any comments about their reasons for closing the plant (and laying off so many people, in the process).