Arizona Tea To Enter the Marijuana Space

Marijuana-based products are starting to hit the consumer market, and we can expect to see this industry continue to expand in novel ways. This week, for example, the maker of Arizona Tea has announced the plan to enter the cannabis market with vape pens, THC-infused gummies, and likely much more. 

According to AriZona Beverages Chairman Don Vultaggio, advises that the company has always been an innovation leader.  As such, he goes on to say, “The cannabis market is an important emerging category, and we’ve maintained our independence as a private business to be positioned to lead and seize generation-defining opportunities exactly like this one.”

He goes on to say that the Cannabis category is an ideal place for AriZona to expand its fun and flavor profiles by expanding into exciting new products.   More importantly, Vultaggio notes that they have chosen Dixie Brands as their partner for bringing these products to the forefront.  Voltaggio adds, “Both companies share a heritage of quality, excellence in manufacturing, and doing things the right way, and we look forward to all this partnership has in store.”

And it seems both companies are in agreement about the shared values.  Dixie Brands CEO Chuck Smith comments, “AriZona is a power brand and the most iconic and recognized CPG brand to extend into the cannabis market, providing the evolving cannabis consumer with a fun and flavorful experience alongside an iconic brand they know and love.”

He recounts that Dixie Brands has crafted award-winning cannabis-infused products for nearly a decade, creating some of the most recognized and trusted brands in the industry in the process.  Smith concludes, “This partnership marks a watershed moment for popularization and expansion of the cannabis sector overall, and is another large step forward for Dixie Brands’ strategy to build a house of famous cannabis CPG brands.”

Obviously, AriZona is not the first beverage brand to enter the marijuana space.  Constellation Brands’ Corona Beer, for one, announced a significant stake in Canopy Growth Corporation, in 2017.  That is the world’s largest publicly traded cannabis company, in case you didn’t know. Also, the California-based (and Heineken-owned) Lagunitas Brewing Company has recently launched a cannabis-infused sparkling water; for now, though, that product is only being sold in California. As a private company, though, AriZona might have more freedom to distribute their products in any of the states where sales are legal.